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Nicole Miller has spent more than a decade fostering a career that bridges her two passions: urban planning and data visualization. While working on applied research in sustainable urban planning, Nicole became acutely aware of the need to communicate the complex, technical concepts and data inherent to the field.

Over time Nicole’s work has extended to a variety of fields well outside of urban planning that similarly benefit from her ability to illustrate challenging concepts clearly and creatively. Her academic and professional background in data analysis, public engagement, and a variety of research methods bring a unique perspective to her designs. In her work with Uncover Editorial, Nicole creates innovative data visualizations and infographics to communicate content in ways that engage the reader and assist comprehension by stakeholders and the public. 

Nicole continues her consulting work on urban planning issues as a partner with C2MP Consulting. If you ask what Nicole does for work, her young daughter provides the best assessment: “Mommy draws pictures of numbers.”